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TIRIT Ltd. is the team of highly qualified specialists from the different areas: chemistry and biotechnology, oil refining and pipelines, electronic engineering and information science. We run this business because it allows us not only to apply our diverse knowledge, but also to broaden it by learning of the equipment documentation, meeting with the manufactures and by permanent communication with the Customers.

We participate in the specialized exhibitions (KHIMIA, PHARMTECH, ICA, AeroSpace etc.) where we organize topical workshops, business meetings and exchange experience with the technical specialists. The reason to exhibit for us is not so much to present our company as to learn the actual Customers' needs. We welcome you to meet us at our booth at the next exhibition.

Our experience enables us to meet Customer's demand by selecting in the whole range of equipment - starting from the basic ones and finish with the complex hi-tech units. Cooperation with the end-users from different branches of industries help us to adopt the technologies and apply it for solving similar problems. Our specialists are working out the details of each project and as a result you get exactly what you really need. You specify the problem and we solve it.

It is known, that the quality of the product and time spent on analysis and tests are directly depended on the level of the exploitable equipment. We are offering the wide range of the modern laboratory, testing and industrial equipment from the leading European and American producers. Our company is the exclusive distributor of a number of manufactures in Russia and CIS countries.

Huber GmbH - modern laboratory thermostats and cryostats;
Liebish GmbH - salt spray chambers, sulphur dioxide test chambers;
CTS GmbH - temperature chambers, climatic chambers, thermal shock test chambers;
KRUSS GmbH - tensiometers, contact angle measurement units, foam analyzer;
Premex AG - high-pressure chemical reactors;
Estrella AG - enamel reactors;
Lenz GmbH - glass chemical reactors;
Syrris Ltd. - flow reactors, reaction calorimeters etc;
Pope Scientific Inc - steel chemical reactors, molecular distillation;
EYELA Co Ltd. - rotary evaporators, fermenter, parallel synthesis systems;
Soffieria s.r.l. -glass reactors, rectification column;
KNF GmbH - vacuum membrane chemically resistant pumps and vacuum systems;
Ismatec SA - peristaltic, gear and syringe pumps;
KINEMATICA AG - dispersers, emulsifiers, powder injection systems;
IKA GmbH - laboratory and production dispersers and mixers;
Rousselet Robatel - filter centrifuges and separators.

Here you can get detailed information on all producers.

All equipment is supplied with the Warranty. If necessary the units can be calibrated and workplaces can be certified. Our qualified service engineers will install the equipment and train the staff. They passed trainings abroad at the producers' factories.

We are always eager to help you in solving your tasks. Our company is characterized by the individual approach to the Customers, reliable work and pricing policy that is approved by foreign producers. We hope that the equipment presented in our catalogues will get your interest and it will be applied at your laboratory or at your production. We can send you our catalogues by post. If you have any requests or remarks please contact our managers by phone or E-mail.

Thank you for visiting our web-site.


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